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Start Here to become a tyler soccer referee.

SIGN UP FOR Grassroots Referee Clinic

Sign up for a Grassroots online course. You will pay the fee when you sign up.

The 2024 Registration process is open.

Once one registers, completes both requirements (online lessons and attend an in-person clinic) they will earn their 2024 USSF Referee badge.

A 2024 badge will allow the new referee to referee the 2024 Fall season and ALL of 2024.

How to Become a USSF Grassroots Referee

Requirements - You must be 13 or older.

There is two part process that must be completed to become a licensed USSF Grassroots Referee.

Sign up for a Grassroots online course. You will pay the fee ($80) when you sign up.

Part 1 - Sign up for the Grassroots Online Lessons.

There are 9 modules in the online portion. All 9 modules must be completed in full before you can select an in-person clinic.

Part 2 - Select an in-person clinic to attend.

Once you complete the entire online lessons, you'll be able to select an in person clinic to go to. You will see the words - ONLINE LESSONS COMPLETED highlighted in green to know that you can select the in-person clinic you wish to attend.

The in-person clinic is 3.5 hours. This is the field session done outdoors. The Tyler Clinic will be SATURDAY, FEBURARY 24, 2024  from 1p- 4:30p at Lindsey Park, Tyler.  You must sign up after the online portions are completed and passed.  

Lots of important information is given to all attendees at the in-person clinics - who you will work for, how to get games, where to get uniforms, etc.

You must complete both parts in order to become a referee.

To Register for a Grassroots Clinic:

Log into - OMS

Click - Find Clinic Select - Entry Never been a USSF Referee before

Select - Grassroots Referee Online Lessons

Register/Pay – cost is $80.00

Start/finish the online lessons

Select the Grassroots In-person Training. (Tyler)


Tyler Soccer Association will give the new referee their first referee uniform kit and reimburse 1/2 of the cost of this class after refereeing 10 games.

Here is the link to sign up/register,  

For more information or questions please contact TSA referee assignor Kevin Meyer, email at


Referee Pay Scale:

U4-U6 - $10

U7-U8 - $15

U9-U10 - R $27/ $30; AR $17

U11-U12 -R $35; AR - $24

U13-15 - R $40; AR - $27

U16-18 - R $47; AR - $32

U19  - R $60; AR - $40

updated 07/23

Tyler Soccer Referee Association Officers

President -
Scott Powers

Vice President -
Eric Lavoy

Treasurer -
David Gower

Secretary -
Kristin Majusiak

Referee Assignor -
Kevin Meyer