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East Texas Premier League Information

Going Or Attacked to Listed event - GOAL

Going Or Attracted to Listed event List

The GOAL List is a way to show that you are interested in Going to Or Attracted to one of our Listed events with out having to formally register into the event.  The GOAL List is offered for all events hosted by Tyler Soccer Association and is intended to allow coaches and managers to explore what other teams may be in attendance.

In no way are you committed to any of the events in which you enroll your team to the GOAL List.  You will still need to register in order to participate in each event.

East Texas Premier League

ETPL Divisions

The ETPL is a competitive youth soccer league for U-11 and older kids. It serves traditional club teams throughout East Texas.

Club teams are independent organizations, often with professional coaches, that pull together select players to play throughout East Texas and the Dallas area. The ETPL gives these teams the opportunity to play competitive soccer without the extensive travel that Dallas leagues require for East Texas residents.

The divisions for the ETPL are boys and girls.

U-12, U14, U16, and U19. The age limits are the same as the Tyler Soccer Association recreation divisions.



East Texas Premier League


The purpose of this message is to inform you of a few changes made in the registration process for competitive teams playing in the ETPL this year in hopes of helping you and us run the league smoother this season. Please check the Competitive Page on the web site for Required Registration Paperwork.

Registration fees are paid in the Fall and the Spring. The new registration fee for players is now $25.00 per player. The paperwork and process of handling your paper work at the TSA office will remain the same. If TSA is your Home Association and we pay your Insurance to North Texas you need to register your team as a Competitive Team under TSA- COMPETITIVE TEAM HOME REGISTRATION.

For this process to work your team needs to register with TSA as Competitive team and then as a team for the league, similar to how you do for tournaments.  The fee for the league is $500.00 per team, per season, no matter the roster size.  You will be able to make your schedule request during the registration process along with some other time saving features.

Use the REGISTRATION  BUTTON  on the  right side of this page to register your team for the League, this will place your team on the schedule.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use the gotsoccer account created by your local home association, NOT one you createdYou will be asked to go back and resubmit your application otherwise.  Also, uniform numbers and photos are required, so please get that done.

Check with your registrar for player registration deadlines.

Thank you and hope to see you soon.




P.S. - Please make sure you have an updated usable email address in either the main contact, coach, or managers information.  Email will continue to be our main source of communication to teams.