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Competitive Team Home Registration


Monday thru Friday
(During the Soccer Season)

Tyler, Texas


JULY 1, 2022 - JULY 31, 2022
(Need to Register Before Playing League Deadline) 
(I Will Upload Roster to Playing League for You)

Home Association Fee: 
$25.00 per player / per season (Fall / Spring)
No Fee for Coaches or Managers


Reba S. Hill 

Cell: 903-279-7921
Fax: 903-939-1843

Competitive Teams, don’t forget to complete your team fact sheet for 2022/2023.  This is required prior to holding tryouts or signing players to your team.  Each player signed to your team must be given a copy of the 2022/2023 fact sheet.

You can submit the fact sheet below.  After submitting the completed form, it will be reviewed and once approved by North Texas Soccer you will be sent an e-mail with the full details to print out for your players.

Fact Sheet Form - Click Here
Signature Sheet -  Click Here

Update GotSport Player List/Roster
1. New Players: 
Add all New Players information to GotSport Team Account Roster
2. Returning Players: 
Update any changes (jersey number, address, etc)
3. Photos: (Mandatory - Coaches-Manager-Players)
Head Shots (no action-body or profile shots-no hats-no sunglasses)
Player's Photo must be "Current" and "Clear" 
(There is a tool in GotSport can detect if photo is not current)

Required by All Competitive Leagues
Competitive Teams are required to have a Current Photo of every player in ​their GotSport player list


Photo Instructions:

  • Head Shot Only 
  • No Action Shots
  • No Body Shots
  • No Profile Shots
  • No Sunglasses
  • No Hats

Player's Photo must be "Current" and "Clear" 
(A tool in GotSport can detect if photo is not current)

Registration will not be considered complete without Players, Coaches & Managers photos.

Required Forms to be Uploaded
1. NTSSA/USYS Competitive Registration Form:
    (1) per Player)
2. Proof of Age - Birth Certificate:
    (1) per Player)
    Foreign Birth Certificates need to be Cleared
    through North Texas -- Forms are under the Forms Tab.

Once Everything is completed: 
1. Primary List Updated 
2. Players Added
3. Paperwork Uploaded
4. BC Uploaded 
5. Fact Sheet - Signature Sheet Only Uploaded

Click on Notify Button when you're ready.

Adding Documents to Player Profile

Click Here

Adding  Player's Photo in GotSport

Click Here

North Texas Soccer & the Majority of the Soccer Association in North Texas
will now be using GotSport as the official registration and scheduling platform

Creating a Team in New GotSport Program & Registering in
Arlington Competitive Home Association

Teams Associated to a Club - You will need to contact your Club Administrator and make sure your team account is ready to go so you can register into needed events…ie,
Home Association, League & Tournaments.
Login to with the email address & new password that was sent from your club Admin.

New Team – Never had a GotSoccer or GotSport Team Account
Login to
Click on Create an Account & Follow Instructions

Independent Teams – Teams that do not belong to a Club
Follow Instructions Below
Login to

  • Enter your account email and password
  • Click "Log In." If this is your first-time logging in GotSport
  • Or you have a GotSport Login & cannot remember your password
  • Click on "Forgot Password"
  • Enter your email to have your login credentials sent to you

If your email is not recognized by the system, please reach out to registrar for help with a user account.

Instruction Below in (PDF) 
Creating a Team in New GotSport Program & Registering in ASA Competitive Home Association


Register your team into TSA-COMPETITIVE TEAM HOME REGISTRATION, at this time it will create a team GotSoccer account,


All information on player must be entered (each player will need a photo uploaded) into


Team Club Fact Sheet and Log Sheet – This form is mandatory for competitive teams. You are to provide North Texas with a copy of your team fact sheet no later than June 15. It is imperative that all information be accurate. You are to provide a copy for every parent and player that attends your team tryouts. Both player and parent must sign the log sheet acknowledging that they received a copy of the fact sheet. You must give them a copy to take with them, not just show them a copy. 

1. Copy of Team Club Fact Sheet Parent/Player Signature Page (only)

2. Competitive Registration Form
This form cannot be signed by a player or parent before July 1st.

3. A Birth Certificate for each player (only a copy of the certified state-issued birth certificate will be accepted. Hospital-issued birth certificates will be excepted. Passports and drivers licenses are acceptable for proof of age.

4. Automated Risk Management Portal through
This is to be used by all coaches, asst. coaches, managers, referees, associations officers or any adult listed on the official roster of a youth team registered to North Texas Soccer. Each person will also need to submit a copy of their drivers license. Background Check Instructions.

5. A payment of $25.00 per player, per Season, for the Fall Season and for the Spring Season. Don't forget to register your team for the East Texas Premier League under League Event, the fee is $500.00 per team, per Season, for the Fall and the Spring to play in the ETPL. All registration fees are due before your registration is complete. Your team will not be placed on the schedule until registration are paid.

Make copies of your Membership Forms and Birth Certificates to keep for your records.

As your Home Association, you will be provided the following:

Computerized Roster
Player Cards/Passes
ID Card

As your Home Association, we understand that some of your needs do not always fall within our office hours. Please feel free to call if you have any questions or for some reason need some paper work processed.


Reba S. Hill/TSA Registrar/903-279-7921/


If You Have "Changes" To Your Team Roster

See Below Instructions on Changes

After Changes Are Made

  • Click Notify Registrar Button in  TSA-Competitive Team Home Registration Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 Event
  • Type in Message Box "Changes"
  • Add what the "Change" is
  • Updated Roster will be Generated



Paperwork Uploads
All Paperwork is to be UPLOADED into your  TSA-Competitive Team Home Registration team account in GotSport.
Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 Event, do not Upload in Players Profile.

Jersey # Changes
Are to be Changed in the "Team Primary Player List "Not" "The League Event Roster"  Your Registrar will generated a New Roster with the jersey # change for you to upload in TSA-Competitive Team Home Registration Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 Event so Jersey # can be updated.


1. Adding a "New Player/Players:

  • This is a player that did not play Fall 2022 Season
  • Add New Player's information in "Team Account Roster Primary Player List"
  • Upload NTSSA/USYS Competitive Membership Form & Birth Certificate in TSA-Competitive Team Home Registration Fall 2022 / Spring 2023
  • Upload Recent Photo (Head Shot, No Action Shots or Body Shots

2. Transferring a Player/Players:

  • Upload NTSSA/USYS Competitive Membership Form & Release Form processed by North Texas in TSA-Competitive Team Home Registration Fall 2022 / Spring 2023
  • Update any changes (jersey number, address, etc)

3. Deleting a Player/Players:

  • Upload Release Form processed by North Texas in TSA-Competitive Team Home Registration Fall 2022 / Spring 2023
  • Registrar will "Delete Player/Players

4. Changing a Coach/Manager or Adding Asst. Coach:

  • Background Check is Required 

5. Changing a Jersey #

  • To be Change in the Team Player Primary List "NOT" in League Event Roster.