WEATHER:  If a game has played one full half but is stopped short of full time, other than acts on the part of one of the teams, the game shall be considered complete. Full-length games, if tied will be determined by the tiebreaker procedure.

In case of rain - HARD RAIN, NOT A SPRINKLE – Follow the tournaments weather guidelines. If inclement weather cancels the tournament prior to the completion of a team’s first scheduled game of the tournament, a maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the team’s entry fee may be retained by the tournament to cover start-up cost of the tournament



     Weather guidelines:

  • When the weather horns sound, please send all players and parents to their cars. 

  • Tell them DO NOT leave.

  • One (1) representative from each team can come to headquarters for any announcements.

  • Look for weather and schedule updates via email, text, or

  • Games will be postponed until there has been 15 minutes after the latest lightning strike within 10 miles of Lindsey Park.  We will resume games where we left off at the next half hour or full hour mark after 15 minutes from the last lightning strike.  At that point we will know how far behind we are on the schedule, however we will start game modifications after one full game has been delayed.

  • THIS TOURNAMENT IS SANCTIONED FOR THREE DAYS.  We intend to get all games in.  The City of Tyler typically allows us to play until we deem player safety is an issue.  The city and TSA will not close the fields or cancel the tournament based on weather predictions, we will make decisions based on actual conditions at Lindsey Park.

  • Teams and Spectators should remain off the fields until the all clear has been given and referees have started to take the field.  Teams will have 10 minutes to take the field, based on rule 3, once the referees have returned to the center of the field.

  • If games cannot be resumed, game information will be posted to the tournament website.  Below is a typical situation, but may change from event to event.

    • Non-Standing Divisions - we will make every effort to reschedule games to the next day for those that want to still play.  If you don't care to continue playing, please stop by headquarters to get your awards.

    • Bracket Games - needed to determine standings for advancement games, therefore modifications maybe needed so that teams can make arrangements accordingly.  Modifications are at the discretion of the tournament director.  (ex. worst case - coin toss)

    • Advancement Games - semifinals, consolation, and finals will be played in some form or fashion.  We will first attempt to play the game, if that is not possible we will attempt to go to PK's, and finally if no other option a coin toss.The tournament director will only discuss these options with the head coach of the two teams for that said game.